Residential Window Tinting in Lincoln

Not only do we specialise in vehicle window tinting, but we also offer a residential window tinting service too.

Perhaps you live on a main road and wish to increase the privacy of your home, maybe you've just had brand new bifold doors installed and want to reduce glare, or you might just want to give your home a unique look. Whatever your requirements, here at Direct Window Tints we can help.

It's really easy to get a window tinting quote for your house - simply complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

We can apply window tints throughout your home:

  • Windows
  • Conservatories
  • Bifold doors
  • Rooflights

Examples of our residential window tinting

Broken Glass

Improved safety

Much like tinting your car’s windows, residential window tinting holds the glass in your windows in place should they become damaged. Thanks to the film holding the window in place, if the glass becomes damaged it will stay as one piece rather than shattering and potentially causing an injury to someone.

This also makes it more difficult for your windows to be broken by an intruder, and keeps your home protected from invasion.

Residential Window Tinting

Increased privacy & security

One of the most important reasons homeowners choose residential window tinting is to maintain privacy and make it more difficult for people to see into your home.

Window tinting is an easy way to prevent opportunist thieves from entering your home and stealing your belongings.

Much of the light hitting the glass of a tinted window bounces back and creates a mirror-like effect, totally obscuring the interior.

Residential Window Tinting
Energy Saving

Save money on energy bills

When installed by an expert your new window films can help to insulate your windows and keep your energy bills low.

In the summer months, the film will reflect the suns heat helping to keep your home cool and reduce your reliance on fans and air conditioning units. They also keep heat trapped inside your home, so your home stays nice and toasty in the cold winter months.

Because of this residential window tinting will likely lead to a drop in your energy bills!

House Window Tinting

Improve your home's kerb appeal  

One of the simplest and most affordable ways of improving your home’s kerb appeal is to invest in residential window tinting. Not only is the process quick and easy, but it’ll add lasting value to your home too.

With a lifetime guarantee and minimal maintenance, tinting your homes windows offers far greater return on investment than landscaping, painting and other home improvements.

House Window Tinting
Reduced Glare

Reduce glare

Tinting your home’s windows also helps to reduce annoying glare from the sun on your TV or computer screen. Traditionally you’d have to shut the blinds or curtains so you can see, but that then leaves you in the dark.

With more and more people working from home than ever before, it's important you can see all your screens clearly.

With tinted window films you can enjoy reduced glare without having to shut the light out completely.

Reducing glare onto your screens also helps to protect your expensive electronics from damage, and extend their life.

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