Rear Light Tinting in Lincoln

Rear light tinting is a legal, affordable way to customise the look of your vehicle. We offer a range of different colour tints depending on your requirements, and can tint the rear lights of any vehicle.

Rear light tinting is MOT compliant and all tints are easily removable by a professional.

Our optically clear, polyurethane films are extremely durable and offer additional protection from road debris like sand and stones, along with extreme weather conditions.

Check out some of our rear light tinting projects...

Light Tinting

Easily removable light tints

All of the light tints we fit are removable should you ever wish to change the look of your vehicle or sell it. We do recommend that light tints are professionally removed to ensure no damage to your vehicle.

Had a set of poorly fitted light tints? We can remove light tints installed elsewhere and refit with our high quality tints.

Light Tinting

Is light tinting legal?

Light tinting is perfectly legal and MOT compliant providing at least 50% of light is let through.

Here at Direct Window Tints we have a decade of experience fitting light tints, so you can be assured that your vehicle will continue to be road-worthy and MOT compliant once your new light tints are fitted.

Light Tinting
Light Tinting

Professionally installed rear light tints

All of our rear light tints are fitted by our expert installers, ensuring the perfect finish every time, and the tint is a great low cost addition to your car for stylish look.

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